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An open forum of discussion and exploration of Scorpio, from the eyes of a Scorpio. Personal experience and opinion will dominate here along with some research- I'm learning along with you. Scorpio is a secretive sign, and I want to bust the locked door wide open.

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"Can you tell me more about the Scorpio Stare and why they do this please?"

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It’s said that Scorpio’s eyes are very “magnetic, hypnotizing, and intimidating” and people often feel very exposed when a Scorpio is looking at them. 

But it’s not something we can really do anything about- someone telling a Scorpio to stop making them feel a certain way when they look at them is like someone asking you to change your eye color. Sure, I like to think that when I need to, I can put a certain emotion behind my eyes and exert it through them, but who knows if the other person is actually reading that emotion or if I’m just looking really weird haha. Scorpios do tend to stare a lot, it’s not something I consciously do, it feels like I just have a weird lack of need to blink I guess. Explaining the stare and our eyes is so bizarre, it’s just a part of what we are. 

"I'm very shy around new people in my life but very outgoing around family and close friends. Is this normal for a Scorpio? Also I will get really mad at someone but give them multiple chances to make it up to me. Are we known to give second+ chances?"

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The shy/outgoing part totally makes sense. You’ve known your family and close friends the longest and know them the best so you feel comfortable with them. But with new people you’re wary of any ill motives they might have, whether they’d really get along with you, etc. 

As for the anger, Scorpios aren’t typically known for giving second chances easily, but that’s not to say we won’t give them at all. I think it depends on the context for Scorpio, if the behavior was something the Scorpio thinks was more situational rather than based on the person’s personality itself, then I think they’d be willing to give a second chance. But if the Scorpio thinks the misdoing stemmed from the person’s core personal beliefs and whatnot then I think they’d rather burn that bridge because they know it’s unlikely that person will change the behavior. Also, I think where you are in the 3 stages of Scorpio (the scorpion, eagle, phoenix) plays a part in how you decide to forgive.

"I'm a scorpio, and I don't usually show my anger too much if I am mad at someone- but I have noticed that I will immediatly snap if I feel threatened (normally by people trying to make me appear stupid). It doesn't happen much, but it did happen recently and the aftermath of my reactions always sends me to draw away from everyone. I figure this can be linked plenty of scorpios."

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Definitely. I also notice with myself that if I feel threatened I turn on the person causing the threat and talk to them in a way that kind of backs them into a metaphorical corner and make sure they stay there haha.

"I kind of just want to share a story with you, I'm a scorpio and I fell inlove with a libra. We came off as friends first, and it was so lovely, we were neighbors and we would sneak out and just be with each other because that's what we loved to do. After time, he asked me to be his girlfriend, of course I said yes, but my emotions started running every where. I loved him, but I couldn't be myself around him I just wanted to please him, and I didn't even notice that with all the love I was givin"

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Yeah, Librans can be fun friends but when things get deeper there can be a big disconnect.

"I notice there is a lot of Aries and Scorpio relationships blooming I'm happy I can relate to most :)"

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I can see Scorpio/Aries being fun. I’ve been wanting an Arian friend just to see the dynamic between the Scorpio’s Mars energy and theirs haha.

"Hi! I'm a Cancer girl crushing on a male Scorpio. The minute I meet him I felt this immediate attraction towards him and can't seem to get enough of him. I recently got to know that the scorpio feels the same about me, but is not sure if I do. Apparently, he doesn't want to push me or ask me because he is scared that I would say no. Is there anything I can do to get him to realise that I feel the same way about him? He doesn't really like being confronted, and I don't like confrontations! Help!"

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Haha, I don’t really know what to tell you if both of you aren’t willing to confront each other and tell each other how you feel. You could always make the confrontation easier, like if you two are just having a really intimate conversation or hang just kinda slip into mentioning it to him. 

But I suppose you could go the potentially longer route and really ease into it. Spend plenty of time together and vibe each other out while gradually becoming more flirty. I think Water signs bond together better when they’re just constantly exposed to each other; this way you’re in the presence of each others’ vibes and you just pick up on a lot of things that way. As time goes on maybe try holding his hand while you two are walking and the like, just really tap into that unspoken bond between the two of you. A setback in this though could be Scorpio being a little hesitant because of trust, but I think if you notice him being a little nervous just try to be nice about it and make him feel comfortable. 

Pisces Observation

All the Pisceans I’ve met really look up to Kurt Cobain.

Who was a Pisces.

RIP Kurt.

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"Hello I was just curious what does it mean when I a Scorpio randomly disappears? My "boyfriend" is a Scorpio and our relationship is great but his phone is disconnected and I just don't understand why he wouldn't ind another way to talk to me if he loves me so much because I have no other way but email but he doesn't bother to check it and I'm worried there's someone else. Idk what to think."

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It’s normal for Scorpios to pull back from their social lives and environments so they can reorganize themselves. With emotions as strong as ours and our inborn intuition that let’s us pick up on vibes around us, we get tightly wound sometimes and need to step away from all that stimuli to unwind again. Or there could be a specific issue that’s bothered him so much he needs to shut everything else off and focus his energy on solving that one problem. 

Scorpio isn’t one to cheat so I don’t think you have to worry about that. It’s best to let him do his thing and let him come back on his own time. Besides, coming back together after being apart like that is going to feel really good haha. 

"How well or badly do Scorpio (male) and Leo (female) mesh? How will their relationship be? Also, we have been together for over a year and the Scorpio male has not said "I love you" even though there are future plans to continue on the relationship for the long run. Why is that?"

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Check the Compatibility page!

As far as communication goes, Scorpios are very deliberate when they speak. We tend to only speak when it’s necessary or the words we use are very to the point. And of course, we mean what we say. Him not saying the words yet isn’t so much that he doesn’t feel it but it’s more that he’s waiting for the right moment. Besides to the Scorpio it’s more important to show love than to talk of it. Talk can be cheap, we want action.